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Results: What Kind Of A Rider Are You?

Results: What Kind Of A Rider Are You?

On January 7th, I set up a poll questioning “What Kind Of Rider Are You?” There were several options available and I asked you to pick the ones that most described you, your bike and your riding style. Here are the results!



What I See By The Results…

  • One…you had to have seen the poll and then actually voted in it so these results only reflect the characteristics of riders that voted…not all readers.
  • Two…Not many singlespeeders in the group! It was the least voted for option and fully geared was the most popular.
  • Three…Most riders would rather have smooth, fast and flowy trails over some serious rock tech…but not by a huge margin.
  • Four…Sit and spinning beat out hammering by a large margin. I find this particularly interested based off the original poll post. The reason I started this up was because I am more of a hammer rider that needs to sit and spin more.
  • Five…I like polls and I am going to try to integrate them into blog posts more often. Thank you to those that participated!


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