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Bike198/Livestrong Kits

For awhile now, we have wanted to come up with a kit that represented Bike198.com and the strong readership we have built here over the years. However, we didn’t want it to be just another “me too” website cycling jersey. We wanted the sale of our kits to actually mean something and give back to an industry that has provided so much to us over the years…so we came up with an idea.

Why don’t we raise money for the Livestrong Foundation at the same time?!

And that is what we did. Bike198.com is partnering up with the Livestrong Foundation to raise money and awareness for cancer through the sale of Bike198.com jerseys, shorts and bibs.

Champion Systems has gotten on board and provided the pricing necessary to achieve our goal and extract the maximum amount out of the sale of the kits to provide a larger dollar amount of each sale to go back to the Foundation and Joe Cattoni (regularjoe on Flickr) has donated his time by providing an incredible design.

1/2 of all profits from the sales are going straight to the Livestrong Foundation.

Sizing information is at the bottom of this page. Standard short sleeve jerseys are available in race or club cut. Most riders opt for the club cut. Also available is the Elite Pro version that is much like the style the riders wear on the Tour. It uses a skin tight compression fit.

All jerseys will be full zipper based on feedback from you guys at no extra charge.