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June 2008

Month: June 2008

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Ergon GP1 Grips Review

The GP1 series of grips offer maximum comfort and the best possible pressure distribution. They are specially cut for a small to middle sized hand (Size S: 6.5 / 8.5 - particularly good for female hands), as well as for middle to larger sized hands (Size L: 8.5 – 10.5). They feature a forged aluminum clamp for fast and secure installation.... Read More...
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The Ugliest Truck Ever

I was driving down I-20 in Atlanta on my way to our Tuesday night ride when I saw a truck so hideous that I had to take a picture. Seriously, what are people thinking?! As you can see by the picture, this Ford F350 crew cab dully has FAKE BLINGED OUT WHEELS attached to the regular ones!... Read More...
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Tuesday Rides at Big Creek

What started off as a couple of friends getting together every Tuesday for a ride at Big Creek in Roswell, GA, has turned into a pretty large group ride. We started this whole idea because Wild Wings has "two for Tuesday" where you get 16 wings for the price of 8.... Read More...
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Look Down the Trail When Riding Your Mountain Bike

Unless you are in a very technical section, the best strategy is to focus on the trail farther ahead of you instead of what is right in front of your tire. When you only focus on the section of trail that you are about to hit, you end up making unnecessary corrections that throw the bike off line. The result is slower, harsher riding.... Read More...
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Going Clipless

Last year I changed my pedals to clipless and I have never looked back. I enjoy the control and extra power that I get from being clipped in to my pedals. I have a friend of mine that changed just this year to clipless and is also finding the new pedals to be a big improvement over her standard bike pedal. She was asking for some pointers and to keep her in mind as she started off on this new endeavor.... Read More...
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3 Month Inventory

I am incredibly excited about how well the blog is doing. In a very short time, it has been able to achieve heights that surpassed my goals, and that is all thanks to you guys. Thank you for taking the time to stop by, subscribe to the feed and comment on posts. This blog would be nothing without it's readers.... Read More...
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Ellsworth Hires David Woronets

Ramona, Calif., (June 16, 2008) – Ellsworth Handcrafted Bicycles, Inc. is pleased to announce that David Woronets will be joining Ellsworth as operations manager. Effective June 16, Woronets will oversee Ellsworth’s frame building operations in the Portland-Vancouver metropolitan area as Ellsworth continues to optimize building the finest bike frames in the world right here in the USA.... Read More...