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March 2008

Month: March 2008

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Ibis Mojo and Push Industries – Full Review

he shake-down ride actually ended up being a time trail at Big Creek's Two Ways in a Day. Big Creek is a Atlanta local trail that provides great insight on how a bike will act in tight, twisty, quick up with quick down situations. As you can see by the elevation map, you really don't get a break at this place when you are going for the lowest time. The trail still, even after all of the traffic it receives, has loose rocks and steep climbs.... Read More...
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ByStickel – Custom Made Steel Frames

Steve Stickel is a name that many of you probably don't know...but should. His custom frames are hand made out of Asheville, NC and have incredible craftsmanship. For those of you local to the Atlanta area, you can see Lonestar's white 26" singlespeed made by Steve at the local trial head. LS will be the first to tell you how great the frame really is. Custom touches, like brake rotors used as gusseting, really set his frames apart from others I have seen.... Read More...
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Brian Lopes's Ibis Quiver

Brian Lopes's recent announcement of a sponsorship deal with Ibis caught many of us by surprise. Much speculation quickly followed suit regarding which Ibis models he'd be riding. Bike magazine HQ happens to be right around the corner from Casa de Lopes so last week he swung by our office to give us a complete tour of his new quiver.... Read More...
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Chasing that perfect ride

The perfect ride is different for everyone, and that is one of the things that is so great about mountain biking. You can make the perfect ride whatever you want it to be, and sometimes you don't even know what it is until you have experienced it for yourself. For some people it is during a race and for others it might be a trip out with the family... Read More...
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New Shimano Component Groups – SLX and LX

Say hello to the new component group from Shimano...SLX. Set to replace the Hone and LX line for mountain biking, the SLX is marketed as a heavier duty all mountain group for the Shimano line. So far from the pictures, it appears that Shimano mixed the previous LX and Hone together and added a new look along with the some features that were added to the XTR line. The rear derailleur shows some XTR-like characteristics. This line will still fall below the XT line in price and is designed around the growing popularity of 5" and 6" trail bikes.... Read More...