Brian Lopes's Ibis Quiver

by Robb Sutton

I just got an email in from on the new Brian Lopes quiver…

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Brian Lopes’s recent announcement of a sponsorship deal with Ibis caught many of us by surprise. Much speculation quickly followed suit regarding which Ibis models he’d be riding. Bike magazine HQ happens to be right around the corner from Casa de Lopes so last week he swung by our office to give us a complete tour of his new quiver.

Guiness Foam Mojo

Green Mojo

This bike is a size small, stock Mojo frame, with a Ti bolt kits and red links setup for dual slalom. Tom Rogers at Marzocchi built a custom Roco Air shock for this frame with a shorter eye-to-eye and stroke for reduced travel and it also drops the BB and slackens out the angles for improved DS handling.

Carbon Mojo

Carbon MojoCarbon Lever
This Mojo is actually set up pretty much the same as the foam-colored one except for the shock is locked out to simulate a hard tail. Right now it has an XC fork on it to save weight, but it will probably eventually have a Marzocchi 55 on it. It also has a pair of the sweet new machined out Hayes Gram brakes with carbon levers.

Green Mojo

Green MojoChainguide
This Mojo is a size medium with a stock eye-to-eye rear shock for cross-country riding, all-mountain trails and enduro downhills. It also has a Ti bolt kit and red link setup. It has got a MRP guide with two chainrings, 7″ rotors instead of 6″, Easton Havoc wheels (like all of Brian’s bikes this year), and Brian’s signature Kenda El Moco 2.35-inch tire in front. A carbon MRP single ring chainguide on his slalom bike, his XC bike gets an MRP guide with front derailleur compatibility.

Brian Lopes

Brian says he loves his new bikes!

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