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May 2008

Month: May 2008

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Massanutten 2008 Video

A friend of ours, JeffD, sent us an incredible hi-res video that is full of pure dh stoke. I love it when friends and readers pass along videos that just beg you to get out and ride. Below is the Massanutten 2008 video. Enjoy!... Read More...
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The Never Ending Pile of Tires

Sometimes its larger, sometimes its smaller, but it is always there...the never ending pile of tires. For some reason I can never really get rid of it. There are always a couple of sets that I think I may use again and then there are the sets that are dry rotted and need a new home. A lot of times, I end up giving away the tires I didn't like to friends and fellow riders.... Read More...
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Suzuki Motorcycle Wash

Want to get your bike back to that "showroom new" condition? Suzuki Motorcycle Wash is the only way to clean your bike. I am not sure what they put in this stuff, but it is a miracle worker. You can purchase it in a gallon jug or spray bottle at your local Suzuki dealer. I normally pick up the gallon jug and use a spare spray bottle around the house to save a little bit of money.... Read More...
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History of 650B

The 650B wheel size has been drawing a lot of attention over the past year. Many see it as the compromise between 29" and 26" wheels, and also a way to get bigger wheels to longer travel bikes. The long travel market is not a great fit for the 29er market, but with the 650B wheel size, frame and component manufacturers can stay closer to the 26 inch wheel specs to get increased travel.... Read More...
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Curtlo Cycles

Today seems like another great day for a custom steel builder write up. Doug Curtis of Curtlo Cycles has been custom fabricating his amazing frames for over 20 years. His reputation for having one of the best riding steel frames on the market has been earned through years of perfecting is craft. Each frame is hand made exactly to each customers needs.... Read More...