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July 2008

Month: July 2008

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Fatty's Bike Blog – FatCyclist.com

I read other bike blogs as much as I write on my own. After our regular Tuesday spin this week, we starting talking about blogs over a huge dish of "2 for Tuesday" wings. For me...sharing our life and biking experiences is just as great as the ride itself and with blogging, we are able to share these experiences to a much wider audience than just our dinner tables and trail heads.... Read More...
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Fluid – Recovery Drink

Last week, Fluid sent me a tub of their new Tropical Escape flavored recovery drink to test out. This will be my first experience with any recovery drink, so I am excited to see some results. Per the instructions, I am supposed to mix 2 cups of Fluid in with 8 oz of water and drink it no within 30 minutes after my ride.... Read More...
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Mountain Biking Videos – Bike Crashes

Ok...It is always funny to watch other riders eat it on their bikes. I even enjoy watching footage of myself doing it. What is it about watching other peoples pain that is funny every time?! I found this video on youtube.com last night and I had to share it for this weeks Tuesday video installment.... Read More...
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The Importance of Challenging Yourself

With every ride, you need to challenge yourself in at least one aspect of your riding. This does not always have to be some huge accomplishment and actually it is better if they are not. As you start to ride more (or are an experienced rider) achieving these accomplishments does several things.... Read More...
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Tagged by Bicycle Design

Okay, I thought I could avoid this whole “tag” thing. You see, Ron hit me with the dreaded “six things about yourself” tag a couple weeks ago. At the time, I was too busy to respond so I used the convenient excuse that I had been tagged before and that the same six things still applied.... Read More...
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Mountain Biking Video – MTB Speed Record

I have seen this once before and I always find it intriguing. Markus Stockl does 210.4 km/h on an Intense in the snow to break the mountain biking speed record. I can't even imagine going 130.736499 mph on a bike. That is insane and you have to be insane to do it! My hat is off to Markus...that is one hell of a feat.... Read More...
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Getting the Right Fit on Your Mountain Bike

When you purchase a bike, you really need to make sure that you get the right size. Any competent local bike shop should be able to size out the correct bike. However, what most shops do not have is a fitting service. If you are new to biking or have been riding for a long time, but the fit or efficiency never really felt right...then it is time for a professional fitting.... Read More...
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Some Troy Lee Carbon

I ran into a deal that I just couldn't say no to from Mark at T2 Bikes, and I picked up a Troy Lee Designs D2 Carbon. The helmet (off the bike) is much lighter and a lot more comfortable. I am hoping that the blue and red flames on the TLD make me faster than the ghost flames on the Specy...but I am not going to hold my breath. Now I just have one more product has more bling than my riding!... Read More...