Month: December 2008

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Julbo Dirt – Zebra Photochromatic Lens Review

A really good set of glasses is a must while riding a mountain bike. Dirt and debris are constantly trying to make their way to those precious white balls that allow us to ride the trails we love. In my case, they also provide protection for my contacts that make seeing the trail possible.
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Endless Summer – In Search of the World’s Best Rides

And that’s how it was for many years. Pack up the bike come November, get out the skis, and grin and bear it until the spring thaw. Until recently. I’ve found a way to keep the ‘endless summer’ going, like the surfer-dudes in the 1966 silver screen classic of the same name. I now travel the world every winter, mountain bike in tow, in search of the perfect ride, the two-wheeled equivalent of the perfect wave.
Suspension Experts RockShox Lyrik Tune

MTB Buyers Guide – Mountain Bike Suspension Forks

9 times out of 10, the first component a rider looks to upgrade or replace is the suspension fork...and why not? Suspension forks get some of the most press, biggest advancements in technology and seem to change on a daily basis. I remember my first suspension fork and the gigantic difference it made on my ride.
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And The Winners Are…

All of the reviews have been submitted and the votes are in. It is time to announce the winners of the Mountain Cycle Fury frame, Mountain Bikers Essential Pack by and the Clix Wheel Release System! It was a tight race, but only one can win the frame...find out who it was...
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Merry Christmas from 198

Merry Christmas from the crew at Mountain Biking by 198. May your Christmas bring you joy and laughter with your friends and family...and hopefully more bike parts!
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Mountain Biker Turned Roadie – The First Ride

We started off the ride in 38 degree overcast and ended it in 45 degree sunshine and I am extremely glad that we didn't bail on account of the outside temperature. We were warm the entire ride and it was perfect. Since this was my first extended ride on the road bike, I did have some very distinct observations to share. This ride was a huge eye opener into what I have to look forward to in the ride to come...
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Last Day For Mountain Cycle Fury Contest Trail Submissions

ACT NOW! A quick reminder to get your trail submissions for the following prizes in by today! It is the last day you can enter! Trail submission form link can be found at the bottom of the page. We have gotten in some great reviews already...make sure yours makes it to the short list!
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Mountain Bike Component Buyers Guide

MTB by 198 is starting a new mountain bike component buyers guide. Every Monday, you are going to see tips and tricks on what to look for in mountain bike components. When I scour the web, I see a lot of information on mountain bike buyers guide, but very little on actual components. If you look at any forum site, the most common questions are normally something like this...
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Mountain Cycle Fury Mountain Bike Review

Mountain Cycle is not new to the bike industry. For newer riders, this may be the first you have heard of Mountain Cycle, but for those of us that have been around since the late 80's/early 90's...Mountain Cycle used to be a household name that graced the cover of magazines worldwide.
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Julbo Run Photochromatic Sunglasses – Performance Review

I’ve been bobbing and weaving through the woods on a mountain bike long enough to know that wearing a good set of glasses is pretty smart. Glasses can be a bit of a pain to deal with while trail riding. Trying not to forget them on the side of the trail is one thing. Then there is the fogging issue. On top of that is the helmet/glasses fit.
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Your Local Trails Work Party – Take Action

During the winter season, we are constantly on the lookout for different ways to stay involved while the weather is not cooperating. Your local work parties are an incredible way to get involved and expand/maintain your favorite local trail. Trail work is done on a constant basis, but work parties are structured much differently than normal maintenance.
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Last Minute Gift Ideas

So...You have someone special that needs a gift for the holidays, or you are getting drilled for gift ideas from your loved ones. Here is a list to help you out with the perfect holiday gift ideas for that cyclist in your life!