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February 2009

Month: February 2009

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Fontana Downhill and Dual Slalom Videos

So...Andrew Waldron shot me an email with a link to his Vimeo account that contained some must see sequences of the Fontana downhill and dual slalom events. 10 seconds into the first vid...I knew I was going to have to share these with you guys. I will contain myself from sapping up this post with words so you can get onto these amazing sequences.... Read More...
Suspension Experts RockShox Lyrik Tune

Mountain Bike Suspension Fork Installation Instructions

The most popular upgrade for any mountain biking enthusiast is the suspension fork. With continuing advancements in suspension technology and the extreme impact a fork has on the overall ride of you mountain bike, you can see why this is a go to item as many riders upgrade their rides. The actual installation of a new mountain bike suspension fork is fairly easy, especially with the right tools.... Read More...
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Mountain Bike Halmark Holiday

So...my wife comes to me this week with a proposition. This year, for Valentines Day, she wants to go ride together! My mouth almost hit the floor. No expensive dinner and flowers? No getting dressed up to go somewhere I really don't want to? You really want to do what I want to do? Fantastic!... Read More...
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Chad Oliver Ripping Through Tennessee

As much as we all love watching videos like Seasons, there is something about watching friends rip the local trails on videos that make them that much better. Chad Oliver has been playing with the MTB by 198 GoPro Wide Angle for awhile now and is starting to get creative with multiple camera angles.... Read More...
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Everyone Has "That Trail"

You already know which trail I am talking about because everyone in every area of the world has at least one. The weather is poised to be perfect over the weekend. Your local forum is buzzing with suggestions on where to ride and take advantage of everything the great outdoors has to offer.... Read More...
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Niner Jet 9 – In For Review

The JET 9 is our swift, light, race ready full suspension bike. Designed around the same award winning CVA™ suspension system found on the R.I.P. 9, the Jet 9 features 80mm of plush, fully active travel at nearly a pound lighter frame weight from it’s bigger brother. Speed was the main concept for the JET 9, and the geometry is focused on a balance between stability and maneuverability.... Read More...
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Mountain Bike Trail Review – Telonics in CA

elonics is a DH shuttle. It is pretty short, but falls well over 800 feet vertical in the short run. On the Fun factor it gets an 11 on a scale of 1-10. It will get you heart pumping more than anything in the area. What I really like is that it is a great DH training trail because it has a little bit of everyting.... Read More...
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Kenda Telonix 2.4 Folding Bead Review

The first thing you notice about the Telonix is its aggressive tread. Knobs are not this large and pronounced on most mountain bike tires. Right away I knew that this wouldn’t be the fastest rolling tire on the trail but the gnarliness of the tread fired me up. Telonix’s center knobs consist of two tread shapes: 1 1/8” wide paddle-like blocks and twin spikes placed in an intermittent pattern.... Read More...
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Heavyweight Hub Battle – A Revisit

Today...I have done something that I have never done on Mountain Biking by 198. I went back and revised a previous article that was product based. Normally, I would leave the article alone...that was how I felt at the time, so it should have stayed in tact. In this case, my opinion has changed over time due to several business practices and quality issues.... Read More...
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Mountain Biking Action Shots by Colin Stewart

Incredible action shots of mountain bikers are hard to come by. I often find myself just starring at the shots in Bike magazine imagining I am riding in those fantastic locales. You can imagine my excitement when a friend of mine pointed me in the direction of these shots taken by Colin Stewart.... Read More...