Who is Justin? Let me fill you in..

With a byline, “you don’t know shat about the web,” you could likely begin to extrapolate some theories about who I am.  I figure I will advance your knowledge with a bit of past, present, and future information regarding myself, Justin Shattuck.

You may or may not have noticed my name floating around this here, MTBTRAILREVIEW.COM website.  If you haven’t, you need to pay better attention, if you have — come on stop stalking me!  Jokes, I have a few more along the way.  However, I am heavily involved in this website and Robb typically refers to me as the, “silent/hidden partner.”  With a website growing as fast at MTBTRAILREVIEW, its hard to do everything yourself — so Robb recruited me to give him a hand.

My Background and Credentials

For the sake of who really cares I will leave out educational background and history and go right into the meat and potatoes of the mini-bio here. I own and operate a small-giant style web design and development firm out of Tulsa, Oklahoma dubbed, “Just the Web.” We provide your typical web-related services to companies and individual who are on a need-to-know or need-serious-help kind of basis. Robb was not exactly a need-serious-help kind of individual, but MTB198 definitely needed some work and juicy web lovin’ to get you viewers to click around more and find the information you wanted to see.

I was born and raised in Tulsa, Oklahoma, learned to ride a bike in Tulsa, Oklahoma, and found myself breaking the majority of my bones in Tulsa. However, I have lived in a few other places along the way and have likely visited your state as well. I’m a world traveler and I have a few brag-worthy instances to prove it. In 2007, I operated a fun summer project called, “Summer Ride Share.” The project took me all across North America, giving rides to individuals from point A to point B — as long as we got their safe.. and I paid for everything. During this project, I was able to visit all 48 contingent states here in the US of A.

I am a Wordpress fanatic and have a few plugins and themes out there that have become pretty popular. I also do custom and modification work for Wordpress such as the features you previously learned to love on MTBTRAILREVIEW and the design and features you see on the current.

A bit of personal stuff, I guess..

We go hand in hand..

We go hand in hand..

I’m not married — for good reasons too. So, sorry ladies.. don’t try flattering me with beautiful statements about how sexy I am. I have a fair number of inked up locations on my body and a few more locations in progress, sure I will show them off here once they are completed. I am a large guy, towering in at 6’3” and a whopping 285lbs. I am a huge geek, usually found writing an application for either one of my clients or just for shits and giggles. I’m a so-called web genius and have some bragworthy awards both online and offline for my elite uber skills in the industry.

I really enjoy caffeine (go figure right) and even more, I enjoy beer. A heavy dose of beer and wine never hurt anyone — if you try to tell me different I will likely push you into a thorn bush or down a flight of stairs. I enjoy traveling to distant lands more than most other activities, excluding a few not appropriate for this website, jokes again. I paint, I sketch, I draw, I design, I code, I drink, I sin and I live it up with a pretty nice lifestyle.

That’s all I got .. personally .. I bring nothing to the table.

What I do around here…

What I do is pretty simple, I’m fed peanuts and smashed chips under a door — cranking out the required code elements to keep this site thriving. (another joke). In reality, I have quite a few responsibilities, finding products to review, contacting manufacturers, keeping up with the site statistics, write a few articles here and there; and provide general support through comments. All in all, I pretend to do the same tasks as Robb, but I don’t ride near as hardcore as he does. I’m more of a commuter style biker.

You’ll likely find me tinkering around the website fixing broken images, links, and building in some new features; harassing mom and pop shoppes to allow us to review their new clothing and apparel; and sleeping at my desk with my face in a bowl of pudding.

So, that’s me, Justin “Shat” Shattuck in a nutshell. I’m a simple guy: entrepreneur, sinner, critic and lover of the web. I’m young and friendly; high spirited and unique; and seem to get sick all the damn time. If you find yourself needing some help around the site, I guess you can hit me up JUSTIN (at) MTBTRAILREVIEW (dot) COMMMMM.

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