Candy Red Perfection

It is true. Every now and then, I actually get in a bike that is mine. Not only is it a bike I will never sell, but it is also a bike that I did not purchase…my wife did. This candy red beauty is a wedding present from my wife!

Jenn went behind my back in 2007 with the plans of replacing a custom green Curtlo SS that I sold to help fund her engagement ring. She replaced that SS with one of the best singlespeeds on the market…a Wolfhound rigid. The best part…she was able to keep it a secret from me! Anyways…enough about the story and more about the bike.

Wolfhound Rigid SS 29er Stats:

  • wolf-8Bike built by Fred Cuthbert
  • 14 total coats of color and clear candy apple red by Keith Anderson
  • 4 Phil Wood bottom bracket bearings pressed straight into the frame (no external BB cups)
  • Internal rear brake line routing
  • Marzocchi 20mm thru axle in the custom rigid fork
  • Custom black powder coated parts (paragon sliders, rotors, XT cranks, I9 end caps…)
  • Formula Oro K18 Brakes
  • Boone 18T Ti Cog
  • Thomson Seatpost and Stem
  • Industry Nine wheels (Flow rims) with red and black alternating every 2 spokes

Fred built a flawless bike. As soon as I sat on this work of art for the first time, I knew it was built perfectly for me. On the trail, it is incredibly smooth and just begs to be railed and thrown over obstacles. I had the geometry set up to feel like my old school trials days…but still balanced enough to handle all day rides, and Fred delivered in spades. Everything on this bike is perfect. The fillet brazing is so good that the entire frame seems like it is molded out of one solid piece. That…combined with Keith’s amazing paint work…almost makes this thing unrideable and only worthy of being put in a museum somewhere…almost…

This bike spends its time on the trail where it belongs. Like Keith Anderson said…”it’s just paint”. So this work of art will be out in the mix getting mile after mile of sweet singletrack thrown its way…the way it was intended.

What else can I say…I have an amazing wife! So…less words and more pics…

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