Heavyweight Hub Battle – A Revisit

Chris King vs. Industry 9 - Mountain Bike Hubs

Today…I have done something that I have never done on Mountain Biking by 198. I went back and revised a previous article that was product based. Normally, I would leave the article alone…that was how I felt at the time, so it should have stayed in tact. In this case, my opinion has changed over time due to several business practices and quality issues. These changes are completely fact based and dependent upon my views as well as other people’s views in the industry, but more importantly…how I feel about the outcome of the article since I am it’s author.

Back in June of 2008, I did a “Heavy Weight Hub Battle” between Chris King and Industry Nine. Both companies provide a very premium component to the mountain biking industry and much debate still rolls on about who should really claim the top spot. 

Now…onto the reason behind my change of opinion.

Please understand, I do still believe that both companies put out an exceptional product. The fact that we are able to debate on this subject with these two wheelsets really blows my mind and should be a true testament on how far the mountain biking component manufacturers have come over the years.

This versus type post is an opinion piece about who I feel is at the top spot in the wheelset market for mountain biking. Over the months preceding the article, Industry Nine has changed. Most significantly, the lead times for a set of wheels has increased dramatically. I believe this to be a customer service issue that needs to be directly addressed because with longer lead times comes rushed production and miscues which directly affect the quality of the product they bring to the market.

This is not something that you will see often on Mountain Biking by 198. It takes a dramatic change in opinion that is not swayed by outside influences for something like this to happen. I still believe that Industry Nine makes a fantastic set…I just do not believe they are at the point that they take Chris King down as the King of hub production.

Many of the comments that you will see on the article were left before the change…some of them are still accurate…but some others may seem out of place.

Revised article can be found here: Industry Nine vs. Chris King

That brings the ultimate question to you…

Who do you believe is on the top spot?

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