INSANE MTB CREATIVITY – Kriss Kyle “Out of Season” Red Bull Edit

Kriss Kyle (legendary Red Bull BMX rider) got together with Red Bull Media to make an insane edit that really shows what can be done with a different look at mountain biking.

Together, they designed an insane track filled with unique wood features that really allowed Kyle to show off his creativity on a bike. The video premiered this morning on Red Bull TV on YouTube and it is a must watch for sure.

It’s kind of crazy to think that I’ve gone from riding an MTB bike two years ago primarily to keep things fresh and fun, to now producing this amazing edit with Red Bull. It was really difficult taking tricks I could land easily on a BMX only to then do them over 100 times on the trail bike. It definitely felt like learning to ride all over again at some points.

Kriss Kyle Red Bull MTB

I wanted the edit to be a mountain bike version of Kaleidoscope, including some of the features that I designed for that video. When I visited the site with the trail builders they sketched out their vision and it was everything I dreamed of. From that point it was all about showing people the passion that I have for MTB and just being able to get back into something.

Kriss Kyle BMX

The approach I took to preparing my body for this edit was like nothing I’ve done before. I knew my body would probably take more of a battering as I navigated tougher tricks with a heavier bike in muddy conditions. I think it ended up helping me get back on the bike quicker when I broke my rib as I was in such good fitness. I didn’t actually realise I’d broken my rib when I did it, all of the adrenaline was going and in all honesty it could have been a lot worse as I managed to miss several tree stumps when I fell.

Kriss Kyle BMX

A huge shout out to director Matty Lambert, George Eccleston, Jake Walters and the rest of the build crew at Revolution Bike Park, as well as Red Bull who helped make my dreams a reality for Out of Season. I really feel like I’ve only just scratched the surface with my trail riding, I’m so excited to see what’s next!

Kriss Kyle

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