Learn How to Bunny Hop a Mountain Bike

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Do you want to learn how to bunny hop a mountain bike? Learning how to bunny hop a mountain bike is something that a lot of riders really learn how to do the wrong way. If you started off on clipless pedals and used the “pull up on your feet technique”…you really aren’t doing it correctly.

Correct Bunny Hopping Technique

A friend of mine pointed me in the direction of this video by Jeff Kendall-Weed. In the video he lays out the right technique for how to learn how to bunny hop a mountain bike. You will see how executing a great bunny hop is more about the preloading the suspension and the shoulders and arms (while unweighting the rear) than it is about pulling up on your feet. Using this technique will drastically improve your bunny hops and make them much more useful on the trail.

When you can bunny hop correctly, technical sections of the trail can be cleared much easier. This creates a smoother and safer ride. Besides…who doesn’t like to get some air?!

What the video and get out there and try to improve your bunny hop technique.

The bunnyhop is one of those “must learn” fundamental mountain bike skills, but did you know there’s a secret trick to getting a lot more height out of them? It’s called the bump jump, and it’s applicable whenever you’ve got a small obstacle, such as a root or rock, that you can use to provide additional resistance and preload to the traditional bunnyhop technique.

My friend Christopher Kelly and I have been riding together for years and years, but he’s primarily a cross country and cyclocross rider, where as I’m an aging BMXer and downhill/enduro guy. Chris has certainly noticed that I’m constantly 3-4 feet above the trail- and this particular technique, the bump jump, is a big part of how I’m able to do that.

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