Riding Gear: Solutions for Riders Who Need Prescription Vision

One of the most annoying and dangerous things for a rider is not being able to see. That is why we wear protective sunglasses and even rock clear lenses. For those of us that require prescription lenses to ride, it becomes even more complicated because we can’t see without them any any conditions!

For awhile now, I have been looking for solutions that work work the best on the road and trail. Up until now I have been relying on my contacts to pull my vision duties while using non-prescription glasses and sunglasses to protect my eyes.

This has been a less than ideal situation as contact lenses while great as a “trying to see like normal people do” solution…are very prone to issues when it comes to dirt, water, sweat, road grit and anything else that messes up the marriage between eye and contact lens. For those of us with stronger prescriptions, it can create a real problem on the road or trail and I don’t have to tell you how frustrating it is to get one spec of dirt in your eye and all of the sudden your entire ride is ruined. Contacts HATE any foreign objects in your eye.

ADS Sports Eyewear – Prescription Sunglasses and Eyewear

ADS Sports Eyewear recently got in touch with me regarding their prescription sunglasses service through their website. Since I have been having issues with contacts getting irritated with sweat on the bike recently, this seemed like the perfect time to try out a pair of prescription sunglasses. As part of their buying process, they have a “Try Before You Buy” order that you see laid out here.

Prescription Cycling Glasses

The guys at ADS Sports Eyewear already have a dedicated portion of their site to cycling, but they also sent over 4 possible fits for me based off of measurements I submitted to their site. The four they sent over were…

  • Oakley Flak Jacket XLJ
  • Oakley Split Jacket
  • Wiley X Saint
  • Bolle Chase

The 4 they sent are demos just for fitting purposes. You would get whatever color/lenses you ordered in a box just like you would if you were just buying the sunglasses.

While everyone has their own preference, after trying them all on and seeing how they fit/looked…I am going to go with the Oakley Split Jackets in matte black with black iridium lenses. All I have to do now is throw all of these back in the box along with what my choice is and they are going to make a new pair with my prescription.

I am really looking forward to riding with prescription lenses. My glasses have never had the ability to take heavy activity so I will finally have a set of glasses that will not only protect my eyes from the elements, but they will also allow me to see clearly where ever I am without the fear of running into major issues. These are being sent back this week to ADS Sports Eyewear and I will check back in with another article to let you know how everything went with the buying process and subsequent rides on the road and trail. In the meantime, check out their website for more info.

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