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The best father and son mountain biking video to date

As a father of a one year old son, this video is exactly what I hope to do sometime in the future. The pure joy of Dan’s son that is brought about by riding with his dad and going over jumps for the first time is infectious. It makes me look forward to the future while also reminding me to enjoy mountain biking exactly like this.

When you here “Dad! I did it!” for the first time, it really does take you back to the first time you did a stunt as a kid or even the last time you did one now. For me, this is what riding is really about at the end of the day…having fun on the bike. Enjoy.

Malcolm’s first Descent of the first ramp on Hellion at Highland Park (age 4 yrs). Thanks everyone for your encouragement and comments. Malcolm lives in Maine. We ride often at Highland Mtn Bike Park enjoying not only the incredible trails, but the supportive and friendly community and staff which Mark Hayes has created. Kudos to all of you there, and thanks for having us. Malcolm also participted in The Maine Youth Bike Race Seris (in Falmouth, ME) this past summer. It’s another wonderful place for kids to get together to ride and have fun. Thanks to Andrew Freye for organizing this event.

Malcs is indeed 4 years old and hopes that this video will encourage other kids and their caregivers to get out there and ride! Again, glad people are enjoying the video.

-Dan (aka Malc’s Dad)