Video: How to properly build a mountain bike

One of my favorite things to do is wrench away in the garage. Even if my bikes are not in need of maintenance, after a long day, I like to pull out the stand and clean up the bike, check torque specs and do general tuneups. It’s calming and insures that my rides are always at their peak performance.

One of the greatest wrenching sessions is the build up of a new bike. Whether all of the parts were picked out separately or it was spec’ed from the factory, there is something special about watching a bike come to life and then hit the trail. This might sound cliche and cheesy, but there is a relationship born throughout the build process that brings me closer to the bike and the aventures it will see over the course of ownership.

A friend of Bike198’s passed along this video that really shows what goes into a proper bike build up…but more importantly it shows love and passion the builder shows each and every bike that hits his stand. It really is a labor of love that shows when the rider hits the trail for the first time. Sit back and relax…you might even get some new ideas…

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