30 Most Influential Cycling Blogs and Websites in 2010

30 Most Influential Cycling Blogs and Websites of 2010

As a blog owner and general cycling obsessed fanatic, my pedal induced forward motion sickness spreads through all aspects of my life. To find inspiration to ride, write and live the life of biking, I indulge in everything biking related on the web, trail and road. While this is not a comprehensive list and is completely subjective, these are the cycling blogs on the net that I think have the most influence online and in my personal blog/web development. Some personal and some professional and spanning the range from mountain biking to commuting, these blogs and websites bring out the best in the cycling community by providing that much needed outlet for the rest of us.

30 Most Influential Cycling Blogs and Websites in 2010

So let’s jump right into it…in no particular order…the 30 most influential cycling blogs and websites in 2010.

#1 – Bicycle Design

Bicycle Design

James over at Bicycle Design has been blogging about various cycling subjects for quite sometime. As an industrial designer by trade, the aspects of bike design have been at the forefront of his incredibly interesting blog.

Visit – http://bicycledesign.net/

#2 – Feed The Habit

Feed The Habit

Jason has put together a fantastic review site over at FeedtheHabit.com that covers bike related reviews over the warmer months and then switches over to outdoor and snow related activities in the winter. As one of the original bloggers (back before Wordpress), Feed the Habit has become a signature review corner on the web.

Visit – http://www.feedthehabit.com/

#3 – Epic Riding

Epic Riding

Grizzly Adam is a freak! From how to finish a 100 mile mountain bike ride to his thoughts on the cycling industry, Grizzly Adam covers a whole host of cycling related subjects with a unique, captivating writing style.

Visit – http://epicriding.com/

#4 – I Hate Bikes

I Hate Bikes

Jason Van Horn has put together a great blog on the heavier riding side of the spectrum. From trail building to reviews on bikes like the Intense Tracer and Trek Session 88 FR, I Hate Bikes brings the love/hate side of biking to life.

Visit – http://www.ihatebikes.net/

#5 – Bike Hugger

Bike Hugger

A great friend and blogger…Byron blogs on cycling life and commuting over at Bike Hugger. Completely engulfed in the biking lifestyle, Byron bleeds for all things cycling related and that shows in his blog.

Visit – http://bikehugger.com/

#6 – Pinkbike.com


With a library of online pictures, videos, reviews and an active forum, Pinkbike.com is one of the best at spreading the stoke online and off. Having sponsored numerous mountain bike videos (remember their logo at the beginning of Seasons?), Pinkbike.com and the crew that supports it are a great source of mountain biking advocacy and support.

Visit – http://www.pinkbike.com/

#7 – Fat Cyclist

Fat Cyclist

It is hard to talk about cycling related blogging and not talk about Eldon at Fat Cyclist. Having raised more money for cancer than a celebrity PBS sell-a-thon, Eldon (also known as “Fatty”) has turned tragedy into inspiration and still manages to throw in some great cycling content in the mix.

Visit – http://www.fatcyclist.com/

#8 – Sick Lines

Sick Lines

If you are looking for gravity riding related news and reviews, Sick Lines is the place to hit on the web. With high-quality reviews, race reports and general DH/FR mountain biking info, it doesn’t get much better than the content from the crew at Sick Lines.

Visit – http://www.sicklines.com/

#9 – London Cyclist

London Cyclist

Bike commuting, London Cycling, Top 50 Blog lists…it can all be found on London Cyclist written by Andreas.

Visit – http://www.londoncyclist.co.uk/

#10 – MTBR.com


The original when it comes to mountain biking forums, MTBR.com is still one of the highest trafficked forums in the world. On MTBR.com (which you have heard of unless you are living under a rock), you can find a forum category on just about everything in mountain biking plus user reviews on every piece of gear imaginable. Just be careful…there are more opinions on mountain biking in MTBR.com than there are politicians in Washington…

Visit – http://www.mtbr.com/

#11 – Cyclelicious


Another blog about bike culture, Cyclelicious can best be described through the mission statement: “Cyclelicious encourages cyclists to promote bicycling as a fun, safe, responsible, reasonable, and healthy means of transportation.”

Visit – http://www.cyclelicio.us/

#12 – Up In Alaska

Up In Alaska

With breath taking pictures of Alaska and crazy insane cold rides on her Pugsley, Jill takes you on a wild ride through the amazing landscapes and long rides in Alaska. Along with the “I could just stare at them for hours” pictures of the views, you get to step into the story with some amazing writing.

Visit – http://arcticglass.blogspot.com/

#13 – Bike Radar

Bike Radar

If you are looking for the latest in cycling news from the dirt to the road, Bike Radar is your spot to keep up to date. With interviews, race reports and reviews, Bike Radar keeps on tap with the cycling community no matter where you call home.

Visit – http://www.bikeradar.com/

#14 – Commute By Bike

Commute By Bike

Commute by Bike is run by Josh from Bike Shop Hub. With everything you wanted to know about commuting by bike through editorials and product reviews, Commute by Bike is a one stop shop for all things biking transportation.

Visit – http://commutebybike.com/

#15 – UltraRob


Race reports, ride reports, gear reviews…you’ll find it all on UltraRob.com. Rob Lucas is obsessed with all things long distance riding, so don’t be surprised if he is posted up some wickedly long race and ride routes. With his first 150 mile unsupported bike ride was when he was 15…I’m pretty sure he knows what he is talking about!

Visit – http://www.ultrarob.com/blog/

#16 – Grams Light Bikes

Grams Light Bikes

Brian Mullin has a severe passion for mountain biking and reviewing components. In conjunction with MTBR.com’s Pro Review section, Brian posts his mountain bike and component reviews on Grams Light Bikes.

Visit – http://www.gramslightbikes.com/

#17 – RideMonkey.com


Another online mountain biking forum, Ride Monkey focuses on the gravity side of things to get the job done. With a growing community and review section, Ride Monkey is a go to place to get in needed stoke and rides.

Visit – http://ridemonkey.com/

#18 – Fixie Dave

Fixie Dave

Fixie Dave is just one of those fixtures in the sport that you know to be a nut and can ride the wheels off a bike. While this is not a well known blog in the industry, his attitude towards cycling and personality to go along with it make this blog a great read. PS…do not believe the “slowerthensnot” part…

Visit – http://cellarrat.blogspot.com/

#19 – Jeff Kerkove

Jeff Kerkove

Jeff is not only a racer on the Topeak-Ergon team, but he is also part of the Ergon crew. With exciting adventure race write-ups, Jeff brings you into the action and shows you what it takes to be at the top of the endurance scene.

Visit – http://www.jeffkerkove.net/

#20 – Cozy Beehive

Cozy Beehive

Humor, bike antics and a long ass list of bike calculators can all be found at Ron’s blog, Cozy Beehive. Truly obsessed with the cycling culture, Ron shares his latest thoughts and opinions on his blog that provide for great entertainment during your time off the saddle.

Visit – http://cozybeehive.blogspot.com/

#21 – Urban Velo

Urban Velo

Another look into cycling culture with reviews, editorials and more, Urban Velo sheds light into all things cycling. “Urban Velo is a reflection of the cycling culture in current day cities.”

Visit – http://urbanvelo.org/

#22 – EcoVelo


EcoVelo is filled with commute by bike information coupled with some fantastic imagery. “This site is the public expression of our personal commitment to reduce our impact on the environment by employing bicycles as our primary mode of transport.”

Visit – http://www.ecovelo.info/

#23 – Bike Snob NYC

Bike Snob NYC

Love him or hate him…it is hard to talk about bike blogs without mentioning Bike Snob NYC. With a regular periodical in Bicycling Magazine, he has shown that ranting online can get you a regular gig! Captivating writing and a defined opinion has put Bike Snob NYC on the map permanently for bike blogging.

Visit – http://bikesnobnyc.blogspot.com/

#24 – Copenhagenize


Turning the world onto bike commuting one reader at a time, Copenhagenize strives to bring more people to the bike commuting culture.

Visit – http://www.copenhagenize.com/

#25 – My Life On A Bike

Life on a Bike

My dear friend and riding buddy Laurie captures the feel of a ride better than anyone I know throw words. With amazing pictures of her various cycling adventures, she shares with us her thoughts and feelings as we go on weekend epics and trips to Moab, Switzerland and other locales.

Visit – http://www.mylifeonabike.com/

#26 – Singletracks


From reviews to trail reviews, Singletracks covers just about every aspect of mountain biking. With one of the largest online libraries of trail reviews, you can find almost anywhere to ride if you know where you are headed.

Visit – http://www.singletracks.com/

#27 – NSMB.e.Magazine


With the best the legendary North Shore has to offer, NSMB.com brings everything from an active forum to in-depth product reviews to those looking to ride on the heavier side of things. With testing grounds like the Shore…who can blame NSMB from posting some incredible pictures and reviews of gravity related riding and components.

Visit – http://www.nsmb.com/

#28 – Your Local Forum

Local Biking Forum

Nothing gets a ride together or a work party organized like your local forum. Across the globe, cyclists from all backgrounds, ages and disciplines get together online to plan rides, share stories and talk about cycling related activities. Most of us will never actually know the spread of local forums unless you live in the area, but they are an integral part of the cycling culture.

#29 – Facebook


Yes…Facebook. If you look at my personal wall and timeline, you will see it scattered with ride pictures, stories and one liners attached to pedal power. We keep in touch with our friends through this social media outlet and our friends are cyclists, blogs, manufacturers and other cycling related groups. Everyone has a fan page or profile…and we all use it to spread our love of the sport.

#30 – Sheldon Brown

Sheldon Brown

While he will be greatly missed both online and off, Sheldon Brown’s website is an incredible resource for all things biking and bike maintenance. If you are looking to do anything from adjusting a derailleur to building a wheel, Sheldon’s in-depth tutorials are a must read before you put a wrench to the bike.

Visit – http://www.sheldonbrown.com/

There You Have it…

Your top 30 most influential cycling blogs and websites of 2010. Each of them bring their own stoke to the table as we continue to dive into all that is the bicycle. Regardless of background or riding style…you can find somewhere to call home online through one of these fantastic sites and resources.

Every one has their list…who is on yours?

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