A $12 Million Mountain Bike Trail in New Zealand

Yes you read that correctly…$12 million! This insane project in New Zealand called Pike 29 is a super expensive trail to build apparently. That said…some of the views are utterly insane and it look like a killer trail to ride.

The video is kind of slow moving but it is worth it to check out this new track that has been built in New Zealand. This one might have made it on the bucket list of rides now.

Pike 29 mountain bike trail in new Zealand
Pike 29 mountain bike trail in new Zealand

The Pike 29 Memorial Track was built by mountain bikers for mountain bikers. It is the first ever dedicated mountain bike track to pass through a national park in New Zealand and is the country’s first ever “Great Ride”. As well as an MTB trail, it accommodates walkers and forms the 10th addition to New Zealand’s “Great Walks” trail system and is the first to be built in a generation. Passing through the rugged and storm battered Paparoa Mountains on New Zealand’s West Coast, it connects with the Paparoa Track and descends down to the Pike River Mine which was the scene of the 2010 mining disaster which killed 29 men.

From the highest point on the track there is an uninterrupted and flowing 8.5km descent down a well formed track to the Pike River at its base. Not a single peddle needs to be put in the whole way down. This video is a sneak preview by the trail builders showing off our creation with the first ever ride through of the track. The video also documents a few of the secret features that we snuck in during the build.

Building the Pike 29 Memorial Track video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wlfNc…
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More Information: Article about building the track: https://www.odt.co.nz/regions/west-co…
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Trail proposal document: https://dcon01mstr0c21wprod.azurewebs…

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