Awesome Footage / Fabio Wibmer Racing a Drone Through Germany

When professional mountain bike and trials bike rider as well as YouTube star Fabio Wibmer sets out on a sightseeing trip across Germany, he goes about things a little differently than your average tourist. It is hard to keep up with him, as he is racing through city streets, hitting gaps and balancing on some crazy obstacles. Nevertheless, racing drone pilot RensenFPV manages to follow Fabio anyway, as the young Austrian explored the secret spots and famous sights of Cologne, Hamburg and Berlin in his very own way. The result: some fine bike action mixed with some breathtaking drone shots:

A huge stair set next to the Chocolate Museum in Cologne, a triple combo made up of a manual, a crank flip and a 180 at the Sandtor quay in Hamburg and a half cab crank flip to front wheel 180 down to the river Spree in Berlin’s government district are only a few of the impressive tricks that Fabio did during his road trip. Impressively filmed with a racing drone, Austria’s most famous bike professional shows just what he is capable of on two wheels and where to find some of the cities’ most spectacular places.

To find out what else Fabio experienced during his road trip through Germany, check out the Behind the Scenes clip here:

For more information about Fabio’s activities and his newest clips, please visit:

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