Fabio Wibmer Dropped His Best of 2020 Video…yeah…he KILLED it…

Fabio Wilbmer is becoming a household name quickly with his videos that range from trials riding to urban downhill runs. With over 6.5 million subscribers on YouTube now, his riding is catching the eyes of mountain bikers and video lovers alike. He posted a video of his best of 2020…and it’s insane. Enjoy.

What a crazy year this has been! 2020 was one of the coolest but also toughest years for me. Israel is my Playground and Home Office were one of my favourtie videos ever and the feedback we got to those videos was mindblowing. The year started great but unfortunately ended with a big crash on my motocross bike. I’m currently recovering from my injury and I can’t wait to do more videos in 2021. Thanks everyone for the love and support. Let’s make 2021 awesome!

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Cheers, Fabio

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