Cane Creek Reserve 110

So what does a 650.00 headset look like? Here it is…the Cane Creek Reserve 110 headset. So what do you do with a handmade, precision-machined titanium, inlaid with maple or mahogany headset? You put them on the custom handmade bikes at the NAHBS show. This thing is amazing.

Luckily I got to put my hands on one in the Bent Creek parking lot before one of our rides with the Cane Creek engineers. Honestly, this headset is so nice that I don’t think I would ever own a bike that was even worthy of it. The entire design is straight off their new 110 headset line that I do actually run on the Ventana El Terremoto.

Before the 110, Chris King was the bench mark. Cane Creek has now raised that benchmark beyond what we thought was possible. I ended up having issues with the King’s metal separating from the cups with no help from Chris King even after I sent in pictures of the problem. I switched to the 110 and now there is no creaking and the front end even “feels” more solid.

Cane Creek Reserve 110

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