Chris Akrigg goes MENTAL on a GT Full Force E-Bike

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Chris Akrigg is insane. He is known as one of the better trials mountain bikers in the world and he has even recovered from a femur break to come back even stronger. The skills and power that Chris has on a bike is just pure greatness. In this video, Chris Akrigg goes ballistic on the new GT Full Force e-bike featuring the new Shimano drive. What happens when you give a rider like Chris even more power? Check out the video and find out. Also check out some of the insane drone sequences. There is some real creativity here.

Chris Akrigg GT Bikes

On a personal note, it is great to see GT Bikes really making a name for themselves in the mountain biking industry again. They used to be one of the iconic, high end brands back in the day so it is great to see them carve out their part of the industry again.

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