BROKEN FEMUR!!! Thomas Van Steenbergen goes down HARD

Last week, Thomas Van Steenbergen took a nasty fall on a new road gap that he had built. The end result was a broken femur, broken rib and a punctured lung. There were some complications that let to some blood loss as well. The good news is he is back home, not taking pain meds and starting to put weight on it already.

Today we look at the video he posted along with the x-rays. This was a bad one!


Cool November 20, 2020 - 2:40 pm

So, that’s bad. But that X-ray also shows some damage to his pelvis…. see those two bits of bone under the lower ‘ring’ of the pelvis? They’re at about one o’clock from the femur fracture. Can’t say exactly what it is without seeing the whole of this view and a lateral one. From the story of him being up already, it’s probably a muscle insertion into the pelvis ripped off…. ouch and may have been sewn on at the same time as fixing the femur: but maybe not and maybe I’m wrong (I hope so)…

Robb Sutton November 21, 2020 - 5:24 am

You know…I didn’t really notice that until you pointed it out. That might be the “complications” he was referring to. I’m sure the doctors are probably on top of it.


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