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I am going to try something a little bit different for today’s post and get some feedback out of you guys. Everyone has a favorite trail. It can be your locals only spot or that destination that you finally got the chance to ride.

Here Is What I Want You To Do

Share your favorite riding spot in the comments section below. We all share the same passion and excitement for the sport of mountain biking, but sometimes it takes different forms on different trails. I (and everyone else) want to know your favorite riding spot and your experience riding it. Use the comment section below to share with the rest of us where that is.

What Is My Favorite Riding Spot?

Pisgah National Forest – North Carolina

There are miles and miles of the best singletrack you will ever find. From the locals only quiet spots to all out tourist destinations like Bent Creek and the new lift assisted 26 West, you can find anything within a 30 min drive in the mountains of North Carolina.

Out of all of the options you have at your disposal in Pisgah, the Laurel Mountain and Pilot Rock route has to be at the top of my list as of right now. Laurel Mountain is a scenic climb up to the worst hike-a-bike I have ever been on. When you crest the top of Laurel, you descend on several miles of switchback infested rock garden that overlooks the tree filled NC mountains. There is something about cooking it on a 6″ bike at about 30 mph through a bolder garden that really gets the heart pounding. We take a break halfway down the downhill to enjoy the overlook of the beautiful North Carolina mountains. After the break…it’s back to ripping up rock filled, tight singletrack straight to the cars. By then, you are toast.

2nd Place…Windrock…you guys up in Whistler are used to marked drops and jumps…in TN we take them blind!

So don’t waste anytime! Share your favorite ride/spot below!
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