Darren Berrecloth Red Bull Rampage 2010

Video: Mountain Biking Wrecks, Extreme Mountain Riding and 2010 Red Bull Rampage Finals

Bike198 on Pilot Rock in Pisgah National Forest

This past weekend, we headed up to Pisgah National Forest to get some tech riding in before the weather turns to snow. As you could tell from my previous post this week about “6 Tips On What To Do When Rides Don’t Seem To Add Up“, it was an interesting run to say the least. This short clip is a preview of what I am putting together that shows one of the wrecks…a header straight into a tree.

Inversion Riders by Big Col

Colin posted up another video a couple of days ago of them mountain biking on one of the most technical, trails I have seen. On top of that…the breath taking views are spectacular enough to catch your attention and make you slide off the side of the mountain. This video is also another reminder that not all difficult, big travel bike riding is fast. This is a must watch mountain biking video for sure…

Inversion Riders from Big Col on Vimeo.

Redbull Rampage Finals 2010

The Red Bull Rampage wrapped up about a month ago. Known as the sickest freeride competition of the year, the Red Bull Rampage brings out all of the best freeriders in the world. Here is a video of the finals.

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