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During my long weekdays of work and on those rainy days that I can’t get out and smell dirt, I sit back and watch a couple of mountain biking movies to pass the time. It allows me to visualize riding different terrain and lets my mind wander off in imaginary land as I watch riders rip up sweet mountain biking trail bliss. Luckily, there is a website like that I can fulfill my insatiable need to part take in mountain biking stoke even when I can’t make it out to the trail.

For those of you that aren’t already in the know, is an action sports video streaming site that has everything from mountain biking to surf videos just waiting for you to waste massive amounts of time watching in front of your computer screen. What Hulu is to broadcast tv, is to action sports. You can even follow the UCI Mountain Bike World Cup DH races live! Does it get any better than that?

Anyways…check it out…bookmark it in your browsers and enjoy the stoke…and here are a couple of videos to get you through today…

GT Bicycles Webisode 1:

Team GT riders Andrew Cho and Tyler McCaul ride their prototype slopestyle bikes.

Santa Cruz Syndicate at MTB World Cup in La Bresse

The Santa Cruz Syndicate Team at the Nissan UCI Mountainbike World Cup in La Bresse.

Dan Atherton rides La Bresse DH with Helmet Cam

Dan tears up the DH in La Bresse with our helmet cam. Check out the Fox Racing Shox Coursewalk too to see him send it off the first jump when followed by Gee.

198 Note: This one cracks me up but it really shows how much skilled riders move the bike independently of their body.

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