Video: The Best of Stund 2011

A friend of mine sent over this link off of PinkBike of Stund Best of 2011.

Let’s face it. There are a lot of videos making it around the web of mountain biking in the same locations over and over again. You are either going to see a bigger budget production or a GoPro strapped to a helmet (both are good FWIW), but there is an entire scene in between of great videos supported by watchers and sponsors that are completely free to view. Stund is one of those series and they put out an incredible watch and you don’t have to pay for it.

This sequence is their best of 2011 and it shows off some incredible riding. The entire clip is about 30 minutes long and completely worth watching all the way through. It is raining here all week so what is there better to do than kick back and watch kick ass mountain biking videos?

For those of you who have been following STUND this year and the past 2 seasons you all know what this show is about. Mountain Biking Lifestyle. That says a lot actually. We live and breath what we do in our lives and when you give that much of your life to a sport in the way in which we do, it becomes your life. The Best Of STUND is a chapter in each of our lives. There’s no doubt that each year we leave a legacy behind with this show. The time, energy, sacrifice and finances that each member of our crew gives to make this show can not be fully understood by anyone. We do this for the love, and we think that’s why everyone should be in this industry.

The fat has been chewed and left nothing but the lean cuts for one last sender of an episode. Ladies and Gentlemen… The BEST OF STUND!

Enough talk, let’s ride!

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