GoPro Session 5 Image Stabilization Test / Coldwater Creek / Bomb Dog DH | Bike198

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We picked up a GoPro Session 5 earlier this week to do some more video here on Bike198. We have been using GoPro’s since their original launch back in the day with the 640×480 setup. Needless to say…the company has come a long way since then.

This week I headed to Coldwater Mountain in Anniston, AL to go for a ride. Not only does Coldwater have some great technical DH sections but it is also one of the only places we can ride right now in the southeast with all of the rain we have been having. I mounted the GoPro Session 5 to the top of the Met Parachute using their mount.

Settings on the GoPro Session 5

  • Wide angle
  • 2.7k resolution
  • 48 fps
  • Image Stabilization on

For those of you that don’t know how the image stabilization works on the GoPro Session 5…it actually records at a cropped 4k and then stabilizes the image based on the internal formulations with the extra screen data. This means that if you up the resolution to 4k, you no longer have the stabilization option.

As you can tell by the video — it works pretty damn good! The lighting was really low due to heavy overcast so the sensor had to deal with the low light situations but very little changing light. The stabilization worked out really well without any crazy bending effects you can sometimes get out of other cameras. I do need to find out a way to get the camera lower to under the visor or on the chin. While it is super convenient to use the Met mount, it is too high and ends up really flattening out the trail and you don’t get to see the bike as much without cropping out a lot of the trail ahead.

Overall…good first trip out with the camera.

Get your own GoPro Session 5 here –>