I Made A Tough Decision Today – To Ride or Not to Ride?

Tought Decision - To Ride or Not to RideToday was the day…I had been semi-training for this long mountain bike ride for about a month now…and I am not going. Sometimes, as mountain bikers and obsessed cyclists, we have to make the decision to skip a large ride in favor of what we have going on at home. The decision to ride or not to ride is a tough one as we weigh the preparation vs. other obligations. In this case, the decision was ultimately easy has I took a look forward to the week ahead. I was going to have my wife and dogs come up with me to enjoy the outdoors, but what I realized is that it would have turned into her waiting hours before I was back at the truck.

We have an incredibly busy week coming up and the smart thing to do is skip the ride, get some things done around the house and enjoy some time together. Does that mean that I am giving up a long ride that only happens once a year? Yes…but there are thing that are more important in life and we need to remember that from time to time. So…instead of wasting my legs in the mountains today…I am going to have a different kind of fun…enjoying my time at home.

I hope every one is having a great weekend and look at the bright side! I am going to get to watch Lance Armstrong podium the Tour de France today! Crazy!!! The way he was climbing during yesterday’s stage you would have sworn he was a younger Lance dealing with the multiple attacks by Andy Schliek.

Tough Decision image by tranchis

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