My reviews on bikes and parts.

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Carbon Bling – The Ibis Mojo

Ham is building up another incredible sled, the Ibis Mojo. I will admit, I had my reservations about this bike when it was introduced, but even just a parking lot test will tell you that this is a great ride. Granted, this one has a Push'd Pike and RP23, so it has the best air suspension components available.
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Wolfhound 29er SS Rigid

What a ride! Fred Cuthbert makes a killer ride. By far the best 29er I have ever been on. The geometry is a close resemblance of what you see out of Jeff Jone's stable. It eems to put you in the perfect stand and hammer climbing position that you are often forced into with rigid singlespeeding. The bike almost felt like it had suspension with the large volume tires and compliant rear end. Nothing quite beats the feeling of a custom steel ride.