I have been involved in the product development end of a new tread design out of one of the major tire manufacturers for several months now. After several sets…I can say that these are probably the best cross country tires that I have ever ridden.

Until now, I have had to keep this a secret…but I was just informed that I can start spilling the beans. Here are some shots to hold you over until I do a full review next week with the details.

These things flat out rock!



Maxxis Aspen - The New Do-It-All Race Tire | Mountain Biking by 198 October 9, 2008 - 2:32 am

[…] week…I threw up a teaser shot of a new tread design out of one of the major manufacturers. Well…you guys have waited long […]

SS October 3, 2008 - 9:46 am

I’ll scoop Robb on the “review” * it should be noted that the 2.25 is still in testing/development so my comments pertain only to prototype #1 and #20 and a a second set with a slightly different casing that aren’t numbered.

I spent most of the summer on the 2.25 version of this tire on my 5.Spot. I ran them front and rear at 30psi. Robb is correct, this tire rocks! It rules the hardpack and even does well in the rocks.

I didn’t have too much success trying to run it converted to tubeless but it does have pretty light sidewalls to keep the overall tire weight down (it is going to be marketed as an aggressive racing tire AFIK). Just slap a tube in it and try not to out-ride your brakes. I didn’t have any pinch flats even in the super rocky trail on Monte Sano. The tread wear has been minimal even with some road miles.

Acceleration with these things is crazy fast and even though they sport a minimalist tread design, cornering and braking are quite good. The slightly taller side knobs dig in and hold well and the large volume of the casing just floats though the loose stuff. Climbing traction was excellent especially on the many large rock faces littering my local trails.

Now if I could just get a 29’r set 🙁

Phil October 3, 2008 - 6:22 am

One more teaser like this and you’re getting dropped from my feed. Just post the advertisement, er, I mean the review.

Find me someone who likes teasers. Just one.


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