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Mountain Biking Videos

It’s Friday and you are bored at work just begging for something to tear you away for a couple of minutes as you daydream out this weekends ride. You have a hand print on the side of your face as you watch the Windows XP logo move randomly across the screen. Good thing you don’t have a window office because seeing how beautiful it is outside would just be salt on the wood at this point.

I want to do what I can to get you through the rest of the day and help you be even less productive than you were 5 minutes ago. Here are a couple of mountain biking videos courtesy of simple searching…enjoy!

Sea Otter Jump Jam

You might not like the background music, but watching the utter flow of these guys as they hit this huge jump park known as the Post Office is a great watch.

Santa Cruz Syndicate Testing

Check out some of the fastest DH riders in the world as they test out their new V10’s from Santa Cruz. Steve Peat is one of my favorite riders, so this video was a blast to watch.

Danny MacAskill on Inspired

This one I have posted before, but it is worth showing again. This guy is flat out insane on a trials rig. I would love to see a video of him and Hans Rey urban riding together. That would make for a great clip…

Whenever you guys see videos online that you think everyone else would like to see. Hit me up and I’ll make sure to get them posted. While I like to watch videos that are geared more towards the FR/DH/trials side of things, there are some great XC/AM styled videos out there…so send them on!