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One day you are riding along the trail when – all of the sudden – your front tire washes out and you slam your head right into a tree (I’ve actually had that happen). You are one of the lucky ones. You hit the tree hard enough that it knocked you out and now you are sitting on the side of the trail with nothing but your mountain biking gear. How is anyone going to know who you are?

Due to my travel schedule, I ride alone a lot. While it can be an awesome time being out on a trail with nothing but the sound of your own tires hitting the dirt, there is an inherent danger in riding alone.

If something happens to you there is no one around to help or really know where you are. We take certain precautions like telling a friend/significant other where we are, when we are riding and when to expect a check-in call from us but what happens if you crash on the trail Enter the emergency wristband. Everyone else’s gateway into the ability to help you in the time of need.

MyID Sleek Bracelet

The entire idea around this product is that someone you don’t know (or someone you do) has access to all of your important health information in the event you are not able to provide it due to injury or a nice hit to the head. There are several companies out there that specialize in these but today we are looking at the MyID wristband.

The MyID Emergency Wristband Process

So how does it work? First…you wreck…hard. I hate to say it…but this product is really just fashion if you never need to actually use it. Then one of your friends or someone who finds you on the side of the trail or a first responder takes the band off and looks at the other side where there is an ID number and pin. Since I don’t necessarily want the world to have my medical info, I have blurred those out.

MyID Back Information

As you can see they then have one of several options.

  1. Scan the QR code
  2. Call the 855 number
  3. Or they can go to the website and enter in the ID number and PIN as well

MyID Online Sign In

Once they do one of those three options, they will be given access to your health records, emergency contacts, insurance information and any other information that can help them out with helping you.

Profile on MyID

So now instead of being John Doe on the side of the trail, I am Robert Sutton with loved ones to call and insurance information. Even if you are conscious, you also have all of this information handy without carrying around every single info card you have on you riding.

The process of the MyID is really straight forward for anyone that needs the information. You can manage multiple profiles under one account which also makes it great for families. They also have a MyID plus ($4.99/month) that has added features such as attaching important documents to your profile and automatically notifying your emergency contacts if something happens.

I’ll just be honest. If you don’t have one of these or a product like it, you need it. A simple small cost can save you and the people that care about you a lot of worry and grief.

MyID Sleek Wristband / Bracelet Review

The wristband we have for review is the MyID Sleek bracelet. It features medical grade silicone, 9 different color combinations and a aluminum clasp. This is the black/grey combo as you can see in the pictures. The band, once you get it adjusted is comfortable and the clasp will not come accidentally undone.

MyID Clasp

You adjust the band by actually cutting the silicone to fit your wrist. For this reason, it is good to cut it a little bit long at first and adjust down as needed. If you cut it too short…you will need a new band. This also makes it a little bit harder to get over your wrist if you have big hands and skinny wrists or if you have put on a few pounds like I have during my injury downtime.

MyID Back On Wrist

Out of all of the emergency ID bands I have used this is the most comfortable and the best looking out of the bunch. The MyID interface also has more options than most of the ID only type bands that just give you multiple lines of info that you can display.

MyID Sleek Bracelet

Wrap up on the MyID Sleek Bracelet / Wristband

This has become my full time wear on emergency ID bands. I like the look and durability of the band. There is no velcro to get dirt and other foreign objects stuck in while also looking better than most. At 4 oz, you don’t even notice it is there. The interface is also the most well though out and easiest to use out of all of the available options out there currently. At $29.95 the Sleek version is a little bit more expensive than most but MyID does have other options available like the sport that is only $19.95. The basic service is free with the purchase of the band. If you get the premium, you actually get a $25 credit towards the band of your choosing as well.

Having some sort emergency ID band is not really an option. Every rider should have one and wear it every time they ride. For me…it would be like forgetting to wear your helmet. It is a safety thing and one that does not hinder the ride at all.

To check out MyID and the rest of their bands, click here.

MyID Sleek Bracelet Review
MyID Wrap Up
A must have for ever rider in a package that has a great software backend and is more stylish/durable than other products on the market. The only big downside is the one time only adjustability.
The Good
Light at 4 oz
Arguably the best looking ID band
Robust backend for first responders
Optional premium subscription with more features
The bad
One time adjustable band
The Sleek is pricier than most
198 Rating
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