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Review: Park Tool PRS-15 Bicycle Repair Stand – Pro Race

Park Tool PRS-15 Professional Bike Repair Stand ReviewThis is the first guest post by Clint Adams. Clint is going to be checking in from time to time on bike repair, maintenance and tool reviews. As a pro bike wrench…he is good at that kind of stuff!

Park Tool Company is the most recognizable bicycle tool manufacturer on earth. The PRS-15 is Park’s most versatile bicycle repair stand in their lineup; it can clamp to nearly any bike, it is fully adjustable, and has many add-ons available. After lots of time working with the PRS-15 it is time to let you know how it performed.


The PRS-15 is designed to be the finest folding repair stand made. Manufactured from the best materials to provide and can be quickly turned into a complete mobile workstation by adding the optional Truing Stand, Bucket Tool Kilt, and Paper Towel Holder accessories. Ideal for anyone wanting a premium quality repair stand that can be used in the workshop or packed and used at a race or event.

Setting Up the Park PRS-15 Stand

Park PRS-15 Repair Stand Folded

Park PRS-15 Repair Stand Folded

Out of the box the PRS looks as great as you would expect from Park Tool and requires very little assembly. I was surprised to see that many of the components of the stand are made of plastic. I was willing to keep an open mind about the plastic, but still had a bit of concern in the back of my mind. I was also concerned with the amount of friction in Park’s Extreme Range Clamp and decided to apply some thin chain lube to reduce it. Even with these concerns, I was excited to see the PRS in action.

In the Real World with the PRS-15

Park PRS-15 Repair Stand

Park PRS-15 Repair Stand

Folding – The PRS folds and unfolds quickly and easily. The base opens by unlocking the legs and sliding them down and out to a stable position. Did I say stable? Portable stands are typically known for tipping over with ease, however this is not true for Park’s Professional Race Stand and it is by far the most stable portable stand I have used. Servicing downhill bikes is typically a tall task for a portable stand, but the PRS’s four legs make it nearly problem free. The height of the stand is adjusted via a quick release on an oversized aluminum center tube and is extremely quick and easy. The oversized center tube aids in the stability of the stand by allowing little flex. The clamp unfolds from the stand by loosening a hinge and is the highlight of the stand.

Clamping – I have used Park’s Extreme Range Clamp in a bike shop setting for a few years and it has been a favorite of mine since the day it arrived. The clamp has a release lever that allows you to quickly clamp any size seat post with one hand. Another cool feature of the clamp is that the clamping pressure is adjustable and makes it safer on delicate alloy and carbon fiber components. As stated before, I did have an issue with excess friction in the clamp’s release mechanism. When engaging the release lever, the clamp did not fully extend to the fully released position. This made it difficult to lift a bike and clamp the seat post with only two hands. After applying a little chain lube and allowing for some break in time, the clamp began working as designed.

Carrying/Traveling – I don’t classify the PRS as a true race stand. Stands designed with traveling in mind are typically simplistic and lightweight, and the PRS is neither. It has every adjustment you could ask for, but certainly pays a weight penalty. At 25lbs, the PRS is more than twice the weight of many high-end stands on the market and that weight really starts to show when carrying it a long way is required. Even with Park’s optional carrying bag, walking through airports and through race pits can be a burden. A race mechanic’s tools typically take a beating and the PRS is not invincible. My concern about some of the plastic components was justified. There are plastic adjustment knobs on the legs that have been nicked up and have created some pretty sharp edges. Other than that, the stand has escaped with nothing more than some scratches in the paint.

Overall Thoughts on the Park PRS-15 Repair Stand

Park Tool Company has succeeded in manufacturing one of the most versatile, easy to use bicycle repair stands on the market today.

The Good:

  • Versatile design
  • Stability
  • Ease of Use

The Bad:

  • Weight
  • Plastic knobs
  • Carrying bag not included


Clint Adams started racing BMX when he was a kid and have been hooked on bikes ever since. He started working at a local bike shop my senior year in high school and have managed Atlanta Cycling’s service center for the past three years. He has completed Barnett Bicycle Institute’s Bicycle Repair and Overhaul course, and a Trek Certified Mechanic that is also Shimano DI2 certified. Clint a bike nerd and enjoy the technical side of bikes as much as I like riding them. He is currently working on my BA in Economics and plan to move into the sales side of the industry after he graduates.