Video: Loam Factory with Mike Hopkins – Ripping DH in BC

Humorous street intro that transitions into some SICK riding on dirt…that is an equation that equals a great mountain biking video. Mike Hopkins takes us on a ride in his home course that is dubbed the equivalent of a powder day for skiers. Enjoy.

Loam Factory from Absolute Zero on Vimeo.

The project involved a week-long trip to Mike Hopkin’s home base of Rossland, British Columbia where he has been working in what he dubs the “Loam Factory.” The loose soil is the mountain biking equivalent of a powder day, but before Mike can slash his trail to bits, it’s time to prove that the freerider can hold his own on the streets…

Created by:
Liam Mullany
David Peacock

Phontaine – Pleasure and Business
Digitalism – Miami Showdown

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