Video: SHREDDING a 29er through BC – Specialized Enduro 29

Bottom line…29ers are getting more and more capable on more aggressive trails. Of course, this Speialized Enduro 29 is being piloted by Curtis Keene who I am pretty sure could rip up BC, Canada on a Huffy, but this video does show how far the platform has come. It is also incredibly cool to watch Curtis just destroy some trail. He has a lot of style and technical mastery to carry this much speed and have that much flow through these trails.

Part of me also loves this videos sequence because it is also outside of the bike park. There are some insane trails around BC that we never get to see and this video illustrates a lot of the riding in the area (including some of Whistler). I am ready for a trip…

On a break between Enduro World Series races, Santa Monica-based Curtis Keene took a trip up to western Canada with his Enduro 29 for a sampling of the area’s well-known trails. Watch him rip down some of BC’s mountainous landscape in the video above.

Keene explored the local scenes in Vancouver, Squamish and Whistler, while traveling along the “Sea to Sky Corridor” following highway 99.

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