#whyMTB Series Looks at Why You Ride Your Bike

by Robb Sutton
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It seems like there have been a lot of introspective looks at why we ride our bikes lately. The #whyMTB series is taking a look at individual, regular riders and featuring why they ride their bikes. With this episode looking at Brien Chartier, we get some insight into being a BLM Ranger but also why he personally gets out and spins the pedals.

For me, it is really interesting to hear other people’s thoughts on why they ride their bike. While we are all out there performing the same task, it does different things for us mentally and physically. That is pretty cool to see. This isn’t some crazy freeride video or a pro ripping up a mountain on a new bike…this is just another normal guy who loves to ride.

What is the meaning of mountain biking? Why do we ride? In this continuing Kitsbow video series, we explore what it means to ride from the motivations and perspectives of those whose tireless efforts have lent the sport meaning and inspiration to our own lives.
In this second chapter, we head to the arid hills of Kern County to learn about what mountain biking means to Brien Chartier: the BLM Ranger tasked with policing the region’s public wilderness lands. Recreational permissions for mountain biking can be a sensitive topic in some places in California, but Chartier’s refreshing perspective holds the key for building a more sustainable future for every type of trail user.

Director: Logan Kelsey
Camera: RED Epic
Editing: Final Cut Pro X
Music Licensing: Deep Elm Records
Special Thanks
Brien Chartier
The Bureau of Land Management — Bakersfield Office
Learn the mission of the Stewards of the Sequoias:

#whyMTB: a series by Kitsbow
Learn more about #whyMTB and Brien’s story:

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