2 Great Videos That Will Make You A Better Mountain Biker

This morning we are looking at two great videos that get back down to some basics that will really help your mountain biking. From practicing in a parking lot to basics of enduro style riding…each of these will bring something you need to your skillset. What do you think of each and what are you going to work on with your riding next?

Remi Gets Self Conscious When Pro Riders Tell Him His Cornering Flaws

This week MGM Alternative drops in on some Skills n’ Drills! Over the past few years we’ve had the time and opportunity to push ourselves physically; training harder, racing more and going bigger than before. Each season our sponsors have provided us with gear more advanced than the model before. It is safe to say that we spend each day with a small amount of pressure and desire to be better than before. This can be stressful, especially at the pointy end when your progression is harder to measure and even harder to feel. It’s good for us to take a break from pushing and to focus on the fundamentals again which allows us to practice without pushing.

Mountain biking can be a hard sport to practice because of the amount of variables there are in a single trail, as well as the effort it takes to do repeating laps. Our hope is that this video can serve as a reminder to all the riders that are looking to improve; that we should all take the time to go back to the basics and work on technique.

7 MTB Skills You Can Learn In A Parking Lot

We all have those friends that show up way too late for rides. Well, instead of sitting there doing nothing, why not work on some fundamental skills? Christina Chappetta and Tom Bradshaw are here to show you seven basic skills to work on while you wait in a parking lot.

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