When does passion turn into obsession?

I posted this question on MTBR.com’s Passion forum over the weekend and it has some great responses so far.

I started thinking this morning about how much during the day I actually think about mountain biking….

Turns out it is A LOT!

So at what point does passion turn into obsession??

When I’m not riding…I am at work posting to forums, posting to my blog, contemplating the next parts purchase, etc.

At least the other half thinks it’s ok because at least my obsession/addiction keeps me in shape and healthy!

Now we are all aware that I already know I am in full out obsession mode and have been for some time. I don’t see it ever changing either, so if there is a cure…I won’t take it.

Here are some of the responses we have seen so far…


When you start hiding your purchases:-) I have a brand new $1,600 bike and still ended up buying a few hundred dollars worth of parts and accessories, maybe if I had not bought the bike in the winter I would have just ridden it instead of perusing the Internet for better parts. It’s probably because there is “gear” involved. I get the same obsessions with hiking, photography and now MTB. If you just get out and do it, and stay away from the Internet you’ll be fine.


A very good thread topic… The almighty question

Well I think it is Obsession when your life becomes unmanageable from your cycling passion…

Then I say, well it is a good obsession, health wise very good, the networks and friends made is great etc etc, far better than going down the pub, gettign pissed up and smacking your partner….

It is relevant too, many of those that dont share a passion for all things cycling would presume most if not all of us on here are obsession material…

RSutton, e stoked to tha max that your partner loves that you have this passion that keeps you fit and healthy, that indeed is a very very good place to be….

I think though in all seriousness, if you own 8 bikes, you are gone, it is obsession and you need help, thank goodness I have 7 bikes….eek biggrin biggrin biggrin

Mellow Yellow

When you have entire rooms in your house or apartment dedicated to your bikes or bike stuff
When you have a long list of cycling related websites bookmarked on your web browerser
When the time shown for when “you last visited:_ _ _” is never more than a few hours
When instead of buying new clothes for work, you’re more concerned with getting more bike wear
When you sit at work and all you do is visualize what like you’ll take on your favorite singletrack
When you pass a car/truck/SUV with a bike on a rack, and you don’t look at the driver but you see what bike they are carrying…

… these are examples of when you know this has become an obsesion. One that I hope we never find a cure for.


When you have more parts and bikes than your LBS.
When you do not need to run to the shop for parts years out.
You own some frames with single or double digit serial #s.
You need to reorganize the garage to fit another bike box, never mind a full up bike.
You own a frame originally built in 2000 with less than a season on it.
You start separating your parts box by type and vintage.
You visit Frostbike and know more than the manufacture / distributor their expert does.
Replacement value on your collection of bikes is greater than all other possessions (not including the house)
You can compose or add to the list already growing here.
You really do not want the wife to see this thread.


Top ten signs of mountain bike obsession…

10. Your bike/s are worth more than your car.
9. You have more than one chainring looking scar on the back of your legs.
8. While driving or just walking around, you constantly hear voices inside your head saying: “there’s a sweet line”.
7. You have more bike product stickers on your tool box than you have tools.
6. While driving, you can spot make & model of any bike on other cars from at least a 100 yards away.
5. While driving, you speed up to see what brand bike it is on that car/s in front of you.
4. While driving, you slow down if you see good lumber being thrown away.
3. You never disclose the actual dollar figures you spend on bikes with your better half.
2. You often use the phrase “droppin’ in” for many other things besides biking.
1. after a bad crash, bleeding from the shoulder / leg and elbow the first words out of your mouth are “is my bike alright”



I think this is a valid question, but I’m totally obsessed with building these days. Last night, for instance, I had dreams of a new trail we’re building and can NOT get a few of the new berms out of my brain. confused confused


So what are your thoughts? Share some below in the comments…

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