As the night riding season comes to a close…

Rusty at Bull Mtn.

…we reflect on a series of great cold weather rides. Luckily, in the state of Georgia, our riding season doesn’t have to stop when winter hits. When the time changes, we just strap on our lights and hit the trail. For the most part, our trails are open at night to anyone which makes it really easy to get a ride together. On of the more regular rides is a weekly sign up required ride at Big Creek in Roswell that attracts 20 or more riders every Wednesday or Thursday. The ride is normally followed up with taco’s at the Twisted Taco around the corner. There is something really fun about hitting drops and gully runs in 30 degree weather in the dark.

BC Night Ride

FR Big Creek

One of the best night rides of the season had to be the ride at Bull Mountain (Rusty in the truck above). There is nothing like blasting down the Bull Mtn. downhill in the dead of night…around 11pm…in the cold weather. It is a real point and shoot situation. Even riding the last dh at Bull when the sun is out can get tricky at speed. When you add the cold, fatigue and lack of visibility…it really puts one on you. When you get out at Bull by yourself during the night…you really feel like you are all alone. There is not a sound other than the wind.

Bull Mtn Night Ride

Bull Mtn Night Ride

Another notable ride is the urban ride put on by some fellow BOD members. Unfortunately, I was only able to make it out for one of these this year, but it was a blast running through a ton of areas downtown. It would have been a little bit better with a lighter bike for the 30+ journey through the city. My 36 lbs ride doesn’t really enjoy pavement…the efficiency just isn’t there for that kind of riding. Hopefully by the end of the year I will have something more suited for that ride.

As much as I enjoyed the night riding season this year, I am really looking forward to sunny spring rides after work. It’s a great time to get some mileage in during the week to get ready for the weekend epics. Thanks to everyone who made this winter one of the best it has ever been…and here is to many more.

One change I will make next year is making the switch to HID or LED for my light source. My JetLite halogen has been a great light so far, but as the battery starts to go down, the light really looses it’s spread. Looks like next year I’ll need to start shopping around.

Picture of me 198‘ing it.

Night Jump

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