, Johnny Moseley, Mark Weir and a pump track

A friend of mine, Rob Howard, over at, sent me over their latest video posted to YouTube. Johnny Moseley visits Mark Weir’s backyard pump track that attracks everyone from local kids to pro mountain bikers. Marin county is the birthplace of modern mountain biking and this makes for the perfect backdrop for this mountain biking video that promotes advocacy for all ages and skill levels.

From Rob @ bikeskills:

Last night I uploaded a video and just a few hours ago, made it public. This video has a very important role, not just for Bikeskills or even our non-profit The Bikeskills Foundation, but we believe for all of cycling, especially when and where people are trying to build community support to design and build various bike parks – as we are here in Marin County.

We felt that by combing the notoriety of someone like Jonny Moseley and combining it with what we think is presented as a family, mainstream activity, we can get people to see and think of something like a pump track (although it could be a jump park, or any other “built” cycling venue) as what they are: places for people of all ages, of all skill levels, to have safe fun and get some exercise in while they’re at it.

This coming Friday we will have another meeting with the City Council members in Novato CA, where this video was shot some time ago.  We hope that not only will the video be persuasive in and of itself, but that lots of views, good ratings, etc. will send the only kind of message that politicians (as they should) respond to: people like it. Lots of them.

For obvious reasons, we feel the same way on the eastcoast as those guys do on the west…and for that matter…around the world. The more positive light we can bring to the sport of mountain biking, the better the sport will be for every rider involved.

Oh yeah…for those of you that haven’t experienced a pump track…get out there and try one out! It is an absolute blast and a great way to spend time with riding friends. You will be surprised how much of a workout it really is while perfecting your mountain biking technique in a whole new way.

Kick the video up a notch by clicking the HD button in the lower right hand corner of the player. Feed readers….click here to watch the video.

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