Bicycle Rack Ferrari F355

Creative Racking: How To Carry A Road Bike On A Ferrari F355 Spider

Bicycle Rack Ferrari F355

I have seen a lot of creative racking solutions over the years on a wide variety of cars, but Auto Voyeur’s recent post about a Ferrari F355 with a Pinarello racked up on the back is a definite first for Bike198!

Of course…the first thought is badass! Then reality sets in and it looks a little odd. I get wanting to take your sports car into the mountains. I use the Bike198 Subaru WRX to go road biking and nothing is better than getting a great ride in followed by a drive on the same elevation change and twisty roads. But doing that on a $130k + car doesn’t see worth the risk and are you really going to put your 5 hours of sweaty, road biking funk on that Italian leather?!

If I had money to blow on a Ferrari…you can bet your ass that I would be buying a more bike friendly car to haul the gear around in. Check out the pictures below to see how he did it.

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