DIY: Mud guard fender

For some reason I still haven’t been using one of the cheap plastic front fenders like the Bender Fender or MarshGuard. I’ve got quite a few friends who have either picked one up online, or made one themselves using anything from plastic notebook covers to gallon jugs. I’ve got a possible wet race this weekend, and as usual, ran out of time and forgot to order one online, so had to make my own real quick. Turned out quite a bit better than I thought, so I figured I’d share.

I’m not sure why LBS’s and online stores located in the US don’t stock these, as the easy button would be to spend your $15 and get it ordered. It seems that I have to order it with another $15 and two weeks in shipping, so no thanks. I looked around and found a really nice template provided by the guys at HCC Components in Poland. You can download the PDF for the fender template here, just print it out on a normal 8×11 piece of paper. I went to CVS and picked up a $3 plastic binder. Black for me, but any color of the rainbow is available for color matching. A little thicker than the notebook covers I found and pretty much perfect for the job. Good enough for 2 fenders. A silver sharpie, some scissors and zip ties are the other supplies needed. I cut out the paper design, traced it with the silver sharpie, then cut it out.

Came out great. The template I used had plenty of coverage and attachment points. I ended up using a drill to drill out the holes as it made it look very nice, but you could use the scissors or a xacto knife as well. The zip ties secure it really well and it looks nice on the bike. I opted for the texture out to give it a different look. I’ll follow up with a post edit on how it lasts through the weekend.

IMG 0780IMG 07842IMG 0781IMG 0789IMG 0790IMG 0791

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