Bike198 hits up the Suwanee Beer Fest

If there are two things that seem to always go together…cyclists and beer. It seems to be a match made at the beginning that has stretched over generations of that partake in the sport of pedal propulsion. So when there is a huge event that involves hanging out and trying different beers, there is usually at least a group of us that want to hit it up and enjoy an afternoon out.

The 2014 Suwanee Beer Fest

The Suwanee Beer Fest is one of the largest beer fests in Georgia. With beers represented from across the country, you are able to walk around with your shot styled beer glass and get a little bit of everything throughout the day. Luckily for the 3 of us…we had VIP passes to this year’s event so we were not only able to get in a full hour before everyone else, but we also got shorter lines to the bathroom, a VIP tent to hang out in with special beers not available to regular ticket holders and some kick ass food. The VIP tickets sell out in a matter of minutes for this event so we were lucky to be apart of that action.

The event is pretty awesome. The best part about it is how well it is run. With the massive amount of people (all drinking) they had there wasn’t one hiccup. Due to the massive amount of beer company support, we rarely stood in line for more than a minute even when it was at peak busy times. There is also a home brew contest, over 100+ different beers represented, live music, food vendors and enough happy drunks to keep the day a success. As far as beer fests go, this has to be the best we have been to. A portion of the proceeds also goes to Kingdom Kids which is great for that foundation.

The only downside to the event is that it takes up a day of potential riding…but hanging out with friends and sampling dozens of different beers isn’t all that bad either. Thanks to Uber…the ride home was pretty flawless as well.

Enjoy some pictures of the event and we are looking forward to next year. Cheers.

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