Interview: Dave Turner of Turner Bikes

Dave Turner - Turner BikesDave Turner has created a mountain bike company – Turner Bikes – that has one of the loyalest followings in the business. A great ride combined with fantastic support has brought the Turner mountain bike lineup to the high ranks in the boutique mountain bike industry. With a recent changeover to the DW-Link suspension design, Turner Bikes has once again re-invented itself and reinvigorated sales in a market that is hurting due to the economic downturn.

Over the years, I have gotten the pleasure of working with the man known as DT professionally through this blog and on personal, let’s just get out and ride events in the southeast. This interview was recorded shortly after the switch over to the DW-Link suspension design and we talk about that amongst a whole list of things during the interview. All you have to is click the arrow to get started!


Here is a rundown of some of the questions…

  • Tell us about your background, how did you get into building bikes?
  • Where’s your favorite place to ride?
  • What is the best part of your job?
  • This year, you made the announcement that you were switching over to the DW-Link. What brought you to this decision?
  • How is the response so far on the DW bikes?
  • How do the DW bikes ride in comparison with the TNT bikes?
  • You recently made a visit to Sapa. For the listeners that don’t already know…what is Sapa and can you describe what goes on there?
  • Where do you see mountain biking going?
  • Do you think the 650b wheel size will take off?

Also, check out the complete history of Turner Bikes that includes pictures of some older rides that you may have never seen before.

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