Kenda Mountain Bike Tires – In For Review

This week, I received a box of Kenda tires to review. Kenda is known for their signature series line of tires designed by some of mountain biking’s legends.

So which mountain bike tires from Kenda came in by box?

Kenda ExCavator – Eric Carter Signature Series

Qty 2 – 26 x 2.35; 120 TPI Casing; Folding Bead; Dual Tread Compound; Weight – Claimed 729+38g, Actual 730g

Kenda Telonix – Hans Rey Signature Series

Qty 2 – 26 x 2.40; 60 TPI Casing; Folding Bead; Dual Tread Compound; Iron Cap; Weight – Claimed 1002+52g, Actual 940g

Qty 2 – 26 x 2.40; DH Casing; Stick-E; Weight – Claimed 1383+80g, Actual 1260g

Kenda Nevegal – John Tomac Signature Series

Qty 2 – 26 x 2.50; 60 TPI Casing; Folding Bead; Stick-E; Weight – Claimed 899+46g, Actual 900g

Kenda K-Rad – Dirt Jump/Urban Tire

Qty 2 – 2.30; 30 TPI Casing; Weight – Claimed 775+45g, Actual 900g

Reviewing The Kenda Mountain Bike Tires

Over the course of the next month, we are going to put these tires through the paces. With the help of two other test riders…Chad Oliver and another (TBA)…we will keep you updated on the progress of this review.

All weights were done on a…

Ultimate Support Alpine Digital Bicycle Scale

For more information on these Kenda mountain bike tires and the other tread patterns in their signature series line…visit Kenda Mountain Bike Tires.

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