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Movie Review: Follow Me by Anthill Films on Blu-ray – No One Rides Alone

Follow Me by Anthill Films on Blu-ray

Follow me is the fourth installment from the crew that was behind some of the best mountain biking films in the industry. With The Collective, Roam and Seasons securely fixated in the industry and biking culture, Follow Me seeks to show a side of mountain biking that has been apart of riding since its conception…following friends down the hill.

At the head of a trail you have never ridden before, a friend turns with a knowing look and says… “just follow me”. We’ve all heard it before and depending on who says it, it makes a pretty big difference what lies ahead. Whether it’s a good idea or not we almost always drop in.

Follow Me takes a look at why we love to ride – back-yard sessions, ripping local trails, bike parks, epic road trips, heli drops. It’s about good time, pushing limits with your friends, crazy adventures and most importantly having fun on your bike.

Riders like Sam Hill, Thomas Vanderham, Cam McCaul, Stevie Smith and Matt Hunter rip up some of the best riding around the world…and this time it is in full HD via Blu-ray.

Follow Me by Anthill Films

Movie Review: Follow Me by Anthill Films

I have been a long time follower and fan of the movies that come out of the crew at Anthill Films. The cinematography and post editing really bring the feeling of riding a bike on extreme and lustful locales to your living room and make you feel like you are there with the riders. When you add in Blu-ray HD into the mix, my 50″ Panasonic plasma brought me into another world as I was able to step away from reality and rip with some of the best. The amount of clarity that comes with the first HD version of a mountain biking video that I have ever watched is astounding. There were a couple of instances where the picture almost looked too colorful (a little over saturated), but that didn’t change the fact that I am going to have a hard time watching mountain biking videos on standard DVD’s from this point forward.

The story of Follow Me is a great idea. From the time we were kids until now, the idea of following a friend on a mountain bike trail goes to the core of riding. At every downhill, we find ourselves saying, “do you want it or do you want to follow?”. When you add that idea with the skills of some of the best downhill riders in the world, it creates an action packed thrill ride where you get to watch the riders step a little bit outside of their regular routine and just have fun on a bike.

If I had one critique about the layout of the film, it would be that I wished there was more rider interaction in the clips as they talked about the ride. With Seasons, Anthill Films (formerly The Collective) did a better job of showing the riders personalities as they followed them throughout the year. I would have liked to have a little bit more rider conversation about riding and the contrasting styles as we do not get to see professional mountain bikers outside of their element very often.

Overall…the film is fantastic. It never fails…after watching a film by Anthill, I am always ready to get out and rip trail in a manner that is way above my skill level even if it is 10pm and raining. Getting to watch riders like Cam McCaul just makes you want to ride a bike…period. When you add into that the creative minds of the filmmakers, the style that the riders have over every rock and root and throw that into HD on a big ass tv screen…it doesn’t get much better than that for a mountain biking movie.

If you have an HDTV and a Blu-ray player…the is a must have addition for every mountain bikers movie collection.

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Follow Me – the Teaser from Anthill Films on Vimeo.