MTB Tire Pressure: What PSI are you running?

Kenda Mountain Bike TireIt never ceases to amaze me. Every time I visit a local or destination trail head, there is a wide range of tire pressures run by mountain biking enthusiasts. With new mountain bike tires entering the market that are lighter, stronger and have more volume, more mountain bike riders are enjoying the benefits of a beefier tire that still rolls quickly on fast, technical trails, but each rider handles their tire pressure needs differently based on preferences.

After seeing the wide range of pressures run by different mountain bikers over time, I thought I would run a short poll here on Mountain Biking by 198 to see what you guys are running on your mountain bikes. The poll is simple, pick the PSI range that you run in your mountain bike tires and then let us know what width tire you run on your mountain bike currently.

These results should get interesting…if you feel you need to elaborate on your answer…hit up the comments section at the bottom of the article. We want to hear your feedback on this issue.

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