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Bike Maintenance

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Weekend Wrenching – Torque Wrench…A Must Have!

Every bolt on your mountain bike has a specified torque setting. This torque setting insures that the bolts do not fall out of the frame through vibration, and it makes sure that you do not damage components by over tightening. In many cases (as in the pictures below), the torque settings are printed on your mountain bike frame or components.... Read More...
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Weekend Wrenching – Bike Racking Systems

I just moved into a new work area (she got a new house), so it is time to setup my man hole where all of the bike related activities take place. With multiple bikes making their way in and out of this area for review purposes...and my personal rides...there is a great need for something efficient and useable in the bike racking system arena.... Read More...
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Correct Mountain Bike Tire Pressure

At lower pressures, you are going to notice more grip and a softer ride. You want to run the pressures low enough that you get these benefits but not so low that you get experience pinch flats. Pinch flats occur when the tire bottoms out on the rim pinching the tube between the ground and the rim. This punctures the tube and causes a flat.... Read More...
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Bike Wrenching = Meditation

Until there are loads of money in the mountain biking blog business, I still have a real job. After a long, stressful day at the office I find that wrenching on the bike for awhile can really calm the nerves and center my thoughts. There are many different ways that people wind down after a long day, but this one works the best for me.... Read More...
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Bike Wrenching and Maintenance

After several failed attempts at getting local bike shops to do correct work on my bike, I decided it was time to start learning bike maintenance and wrenching on my own. In one specific instance, I was riding a local trail one hour after getting a new fork installed, and the front brake fell off during a downhill. It was at that point I realized that if I wanted it done correctly, I needed to learn how to do it myself. That next day, I went out and bought an Ultimate repair stand and several essential tools.... Read More...